Romance author Leigh Greenwood

The Cowboys Series

The freedom of the range, the bawling of the longhorns, the lonesome night watch beneath a vast, starry sky - they got into a man's blood until he knew there was nothing better than the life of a cowboy...except the love of a good woman.

This series tells the stories of nearly a dozen orphans who're adopted by Jake and Isabelle Maxwell and grow up on their cattle ranch in the Texas Hill Country. These boys were considered uncontrollable and thrown out of various orphanages and foster homes. Jake and Isabelle are their last chance for a semblance of a normal life. But the abuses and brutality of their lives make it hard for them to trust anyone, much less believe they can be loved or are worthy of love.

The series begins in 1866, just after the Civil War. Jake comes home to find his family dead or gone, squatters having claimed his best land, and threatening to take his herd for damages. His only hope is to get his cows to market before they can be taken from him. And the only cowhands he can find are this rag-tag group of orphans being nurse maided by a society woman from Savannah who knows nothing about the West, and precious little about boys.

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The Cowboys: Jake

The Cowboys: Jake

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Jake Maxwell has lost his Texas cattle ranch to squatters. If he doesn't get his cattle to market, he'll lose them too, but he can't find any cowhands. Isabelle's orphans aren't a good solution, but they're the only one he has. He just has to make sure he doesn't fall in love with Isabelle or become too attached to these homeless boys.

Isabelle Davenport is determined to find homes for eight unwanted orphan boys. When they're caught between an abusive situation and going to jail, she turns to Jake, a man she neither trusts nor respects. She wants warm, loving homes for her eight orphan boys. She thinks Jake's ranch is the perfect situation but he's the wrong man. She agrees to go along on the trail drive to protect the boys. She quickly discovers the rules she learned growing up in Savannah society don't work in Texas.

Reviews of Jake

"Exciting and soul searching, JAKE is bound to win Leigh Greenwood new fans. The plot is snappy and fast moving. The focus is constant and the conflict sharp. Secondary characters, as well as the protagonists, develop in strength and intensity throughout the story. Through character interaction, readers see deep emotional trauma beneath a blanket of humor. Only a master craftsman can create so many strong characters and keep them completely individualized. Greenwood's books are bound to become classics."
Mary Thompson, Rendezvous

"Leigh Greenwood has proved his staying power with his Seven Brides series. And if this reviewer's visionary abilities are right, this series will prove to be even stronger. What a fine blending of common sense, discipline and understanding of "boy stuff". Define this as unusually perceptive writing with a love story bringing East and West together, forging an unusual dynasty to be sure." - Barbara Wren, Heartland Critiques

"From the start the rough-edged rancher and the prim and proper lady send off sparks, and they turn out to be a wonderful combination. The story is well-written with characters that are well-formed and have distinct personalities. After reading all of Mr. Greenwood's Seven Brides series, I wondered what this talented and entertaining writer would come up with next. I was definitely not disappointed with JAKE, the first book in his next series The Cowboys. This is a keeper."- Martha Ostandimitris, Old Book Barn Gazette


The Cowboys: Ward

The Cowboys: Ward

Visiting in her fiancée's home, Marina Scott is suffocating under the watchful eye of her future mother-in-law. While the family enjoys a siesta, Marina goes for an unaccompanied ride and loses control of her mount. A handsome cowboys rescues her. She and Ward Dillon fall in love at first sight. The only problem is Marina is engaged to Ward's brother, Ramon! Marina calls off the wedding but an obsessive and jealous Ramon takes matters into his own hands. Luisa Dillon, who loathes Ward as much as she loves his brother, is a brilliant strategist. She concocts a series of lies that drive Marina and Ward apart. Ward flees to the war, leaving his new bride behind. He has no way of knowing his family's dark secret, the source of his mother's hatred, or that Marina is pregnant.

Seven years later Marina comes to the Maxwell ranch to convince Ward to give her a divorce so she can remarry and give her son a father. All the old pain and anger resurfaces, each feeling betrayed by the other. Believing Marina's son to be his brother's child, Ward refuses to give her a divorce because he wants the boy to have his rightful name. Unable to convince Ward that Tanner is his child, Marina wants a complete break from the family that came so close to destroying her life. But it's Tanner, the little boy who longs for the return of a father his mother told him is a hero, who helps tear down the barriers between Ward and Marina.

Reviews of Ward

"Leigh Greenwood is one of the top writers today of the western romance. WARD will enhance the great writer's reputation for exciting, angst-ridden historical romance. The lead characters are superb and the support cast feel so real that readers will believe they are in the old west visiting them. Another classy tale by one of the genre's best novelists." 
Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

"Leigh Greenwood's second book in The Cowboys series, WARD, is a story that has been told many times, but never with that special Greenwood touch. The beautiful relationship between father and son, between friends and husband and wife will hold readers' attention and tug at their heartstrings." - Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

"WARD is the kind of book one closes with a sigh of, "AH! Now THAT was a good book!"
Merry Cutler, Annie's Book Stop, Sharon, MA


The Cowboys: Buck

The Cowboys: Buck

Buck Hobson was abandoned by his parents and abused by the farmer who promised to adopt him. Now he has returned to the Grossek ranch with one goal in mind to get revenge for what happened to him there six years ago. Nathaniel Grossek is dead, but that hasn't stopped Buck from hating him for the abuse he endured. He intends to own the ranch where he was once a slave and no one, including Grossek's terrified widow or spunky daughter, is going to stand in his way.

Buck feels his long-lost sister is the only one who can give him the sense of family he wants so desperately. But he discovers revenge isn't as sweet as love, and blood is not always the best family tie.

After the death of a father who beat her and her mother, Hannah swears she'll never be at the mercy of a man again. She's seen too much of man's cruelty to want a husband. She's determined to keep the ranch because it's her only chance to be independent. Their ranch won't survive without help, but they can't afford to hire anyone. When Buck arrives with an offer of shared ownership, their only hope is to accept. She intends to use him to get her ranch out of debt and teach her how to run it on her own. But Hannah can't understand Buck's hatred of her or the exciting, frightening new feelings she has for him.

Reviews of Buck

"One more keeper for your bookshelves. There are very few authors who maintain Greenwood's standard of excellence. Thanks for another great series."
Barbara Wren, Heartland Critiques

"If anyone can write a perfect historical romance, it has to be Leigh Greenwood! Outstanding!" -Lynne Patterson, BELL, BOOK & CANDLE

"Leigh Greenwood creates characters dear to the heart. Their stories are your stories, each filled with hope, dreams and fulfillment. In BUCK, Leigh has shown a unique ability to tell a story without all the "fussy trimmings" that slow the story and bore the reader. Novels written with humor, passion and insight are trademarks of this fine author.."
Suzanne Barr, Escape


The Cowboys: DREW - Leigh Greenwood

The Cowboys: Drew

Drew Townsend wants to buy a ranch close to Jake and Isabelle. In order to earn the money to pay for it, she goes to work for Earl Odom's Wild West Show as the sharpshooter.

Cole Benton, an undercover agent for the United States government, has been given the job of arresting the leader of a gang that has been robbing banks all over the Midwest. He has just three solid clues. The leader is a woman, she's a top-notch marksman, and the robberies always take place in the vicinity of the Wild West Show's performances. His top suspect is Drew Townsend. Pretending to be an amiable drifter, Cole gets a job in the Wild West Show.

Drew does everything she can to keep Cole out of her act . . . and out of her heart. But Cole's smile and unwavering attention batter down Drew's defenses. Drew is hurt and furious when she discovers Cole is trying to collect evidence to prove she's a thief. She leaves the Wild West Show determined never to see him again. Despite accumulating circumstantial evidence, Cole believes Drew is innocent. He convinces her that rejoining the show is the only way to capture the real thieves. He intends to capture her heart as well.

Reviews of Drew

Love and spirit are the forces that come to the aid of the heroine and give her the grit that makes her unforgettable. The hero is my kind of man – strong, handsome, and purely masculine from head to toe. Sexual tension and endless conflict make for a fast-paced adventure readers will long remember." - MT, Rendezvous

"In The Cowboys: DREW, Leigh Greenwood takes readers on a wonderful journey to the traveling Wild West Shows of the late 1800s. Traditionally, most "cowboy romances" set in this era have western locales, but Drew's story takes place primarily in the Midwest, a change that adds to the colorful background of this book. Leigh Greenwood has created a romance between Cole and Drew that is not a sexually smoldering, tension-filled affair; rather, their relationship builds to a satisfying conclusion based on a deep abiding love and understanding." - Olivia Holton, Bookbug on the Web

"Leigh Greenwood NEVER disappoints. His characters are finely drawn, his plots always created with just the right amount of spice to pathos and always, always, a guaranteed good read!" - BW, Heartland Critiques

"Leigh Greenwood doesn't disappoint with this new western adventure. No one writes a western like Leigh Greenwood! No one brings the American West to life, rich in flavor and piquant with desire. DREW, the latest addition in his THE COWBOYS series, captures the sights and sounds of the fascinating Buffalo Bill type Wild West show. Greenwood's unforgettable characters make this a rousing and fabulously exciting adventure. A classic plot, a dose of Leigh's own brand of humor, and a very happy ending: what more could a reader want? Completely enjoyable!" - Merrilee Terry, Romance Communications


The Cowboys: Sean

The Cowboys: Sean

Pearl Belladonna is twenty-nine, very beautiful, and owner of a saloon in a Colorado gold mining town. At fifteen she ran away with a river boat gambler. When he refused to marry her, she left him and started her own saloon. That put her firmly into the category of other women, a label that virtually guaranteed she wouldn't have the respectable marriage, home, and family she wanted. With herself as the main attraction, her saloon, the Silken Lady, is the most successful saloon in town. But Pearl isn't all she pretends to be. Her secret wish is to save enough money to give her daughter the decent life Pearl never had. When she finds the price of her daughter's future is betrayal of the only man she's ever really loved, she makes the only choice a mother can make.

Twenty-four-year-old Sean O'Ryan's parents died when he was a baby. His only relative in America twice refused to take him because it would interfere with her stage career, and he ended up in an orphanage. When he saves Pearl's saloon from being torn apart by paid bullies, he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her kind of woman. He thinks his infatuation with Pearl is just temporary.

Pearl makes up her mind to ignore Sean until a man from her past appears. Knowing the one secret Pearl thought nobody knew, he forces her to help him cheat Sean out of his gold. Unable to refuse, Pearl sets about seducing Sean. In the process, she falls in love with him. Pearl realizes that the only man who could give her everything she wanted in life won't because she's lied one time too many. But even an angry Irishman can't turn his back on a woman in trouble.

Reviews of Sean

"Greenwood never resorts to tired clichés or contrived plots. With characters who are unique and genuine, and writing that takes you into their lives and loves, each story is more enjoyable than the last. Don't miss anything Leigh Greenwood writes."
Kat Bragg, CompuServe Romance Reviews

"For a fast-paced story that evokes the atmosphere of the wild and wooly West, Leigh Greenwood is one of the best. This story focuses on trust, faith and the belief that love can change people for the better."- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

"The Cowboys promises to become another treasured series from the popular and prolific Leigh Greenwood. In addition to the western authenticity, the characters are unique and memorable. Sean and Pearl are as tough as their surroundings, but both hide a heart of gold. This book rivals the best this author has written so far. Sean is western romance at its finest! Leigh Greenwood continues to be a shining star of the genre!"
- Kristina Wright, Literary Times

"SEAN is like a vivid canvas, painted with vast landscapes, brushed with ugly shanties, then splattered with the mud and filth of a mining town. The author molds characters like a potter, then breathes life into them as tensions and conflict build. Every western lover and romance enthusiast should include Leigh Greenwood's books in their collections – they are classics." - MT Rendezvous

"Leigh Greenwood has the ability to bring together really unique plot lines which suit the characters and personalities already established in the series early books, he makes it look easy! It's not! What it is, is captivating to this reviewer, who anxiously awaits the next Cowboy." - BW, Heartland Critiques


The Cowboys: Chet

The Cowboys: Chet

Melody Jordan would rather pack her bags and head back to Virginia than marry a man she doesn't love. But her father is dead and she can't leave her stepmother and two young half-brothers to fend for themselves while rustlers steal their cattle and the nearest rancher tries to steal their ranch. Lantz Royal has made it clear he intends to get the Spring Water Ranch one way or another. Which means Melody either has to marry the man or get ready to put up the fight of her life. Ignoring the advice of her foreman, Melody has been managing the ranch since the death of her father. She is desperate for help, but not desperate enough to hire Chet Attmore, a man with a gun riding on his hip.

Chet Attmore is ready to hang up his guns and find a quiet place to settle down where no one knows him. He's only passing through and has no intentions of getting involved in the troubles of the Spring Water Ranch or the pretty young woman who lives there. Chet is not looking for employment; he only wants to trade his tired horse for a fresh one. Chet knows he's a gunfighter first and foremost, and that alone will prevent him from having the only kind of life he ever wanted. But all his good intentions are lost when he gets pulled into the fray. Soon he's in too deep to leave and his heart is hoping for things his mind knows he an never have.

Reviews for Chet

"Leigh writes a taut, well-paced story with admirable heroes and rotten, nasty villains what just I love. Chet is the perfect hero we all want tough, tender, smart. Melody is wonderful, too, ready to listen, willing to say no and mean it, and ready to fight for the ones she loved."
Merry Cutler, ANNIE'S BOOK STOP, Sharon, MA

"This novel is fast paced action. It is also a wonderful story of love that survives in spite of everything. One moment I was laughing, and the next I would be crying. Leigh Greenwood never fails to deliver a top notch story. Fans everywhere will be thrilled with CHET."
Jeanine Birckbichler, Affaire de Coeur

"Chet is a gunfighter looking for a home, while Melody is a woman out of place in the Texas home she's trying to save. Chet has it all! Romance and rustlers, gunfighters and greed. Romance doesn't get any better than this! The Cowboys is a true collector's series. Every book is a gem and Leigh Greenwood polishes every story until it shines! Brilliant writing and characterization!" -Kristina Wright, The Literary Times



Bret Nolan had never gotten used to the confines of the city. The sprawling buildings, the rumbling wagons, even the roads: all seemed designed to lock him in. He would always be a cowboys at heart, and his restless blood still longed for the open range. And he was on his way back to the boundless plains of Texas to escort a reluctant heiress to Boston – on his way to pick up a woman destined to be a dutiful wife. But Emily Abercrombie wasn’t one to agree to anything easily, and she wasn’t about to just up and leave her ranch in Texas to move to an unknown city. And the more time Bret spent with the determined beauty, the more he realized he wanted to be the man – and only man – in Emily’s life. Now he just had to show her the true honor found in the heart of a cowboy.

Leigh Greenwood’s description skills are remarkable. Emily Abercrombie comes through the pages as a bright, unspoiled heroine and Bret Nolan is the essential romance fantasy.
Mary Grace Meloche, Romance Designs.

A TEXAN'S HONOR is a delightful Texas historical romance starring two likable protagonists. . . . However it is the cast that brings late nineteenth century Western cattle country Texas vividly to life, a trademark of a Leigh Greenwood western.
Harriet Klausner

“This is a delightful addition to the author's Cowboy series. Once more, Greenwood brings readers straight into the heart of the west and into his likable characters' lives with a charming, fast-paced and enjoyable read.”
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


The Cowboys: MATT Leigh Greenwood

The Cowboys: MATT

Matt Haskins proved to be the most difficult of all the orphans in The Cowboys to write about. It's not easy to make a hero out of a man who has been sexually molested, especially when the abuse has given him a mental block against physical contact. I had to find a way to make the reader see that Matt's strength was of a different kind from most cowboys. It was almost as difficult to make Ellen Donovan see it.

Ellen's experience with men has been all bad. When she's forced to marry Matt so they can each keep the children they're trying to adopt, she's certain he has ulterior motives. She sets up stringent conditions before agreeing to the marriage of convenience. She expected Matt to accept them -- she wouldn't have married him otherwise -- but she was a little surprised, and disappointed, when he stuck to them after they were married. Ellen didn't want a quiet, unassuming husband. She wanted one who would take on the world in her defense. Matt had the size and the strength, but she didn't see much else to recommend him.

Taking on the responsibility of the two boys Matt wanted to adopt was one more thing she didn't need. She planned to stay married just long enough so the crusading Revered Wilbur Sears couldn't take her kids or Matt's boys. Then she was headed for San Antonio to open her own hat shop.
But while Ellen was making plans to leave Matt and his two troublesome boys behind, she discovered there was a lot more to this good-looking cowboy than met the eye.

Reviews for MATT

(Book 9) A man who makes a home for kids no one else wants.

"Leigh Greenwood is a master storyteller whose characters are so well crafted you feel as if you know them. They jump off the pages right into your heart. MATT is truly one book that is a testimony to love and forgiveness. This book is definitely a heartbreaker. Put it on your keeper shelf to reread many times." - ;

This reviewer is sorry to see the end of this series which was very high caliber! This talented author has proven time and again most capable of bringing stellar work to his devoted readers, among whom I am one! - Heartland Critiques

"Leigh Greenwood is one phenomenal writer who knows the human elements of every day living, the joys and sorrows, the power of love and the beauty of redemption. The characters are in depth, very complex and challenging. MATT is a special gift of love and forgiveness. I'll never forget it!" - Suzanne Coleburn, the Belles and Beaux of Romance

Matt and Ellen are strong lead characters with a lot to deal with and overcome. The orphaned youngsters, Toby, Orin, Noah, Tess and Hank, lend their vastly different personalities to create a family. Other secondary characters do their best to derail Matt and Ellen from their goals. Greenwood gets into a touchy subject without going into graphic detail. The way he handles the subplot leaves no doubt in readers' minds what's going on.
The Cowboys: Matt proves once again, there's no fence high enough to keep love out. You don't want to miss Matt's touching story. -
Reviewed by Brenda Gayle

MATT is another installment on The Cowboys, the saga of Jake and Isabelle Maxwell and their brood of adopted children. Strong characters and emotions carry the story forward and keep us waiting for the next cowboy. - Jill Brager, Romantic Times


The Cowboys: Pete

The Cowboys: Pete

I've been told that my heroes ought to be rougher, more dangerous, more brooding, but that goes against the grain of my Southern upbringing. Southern men can be total bastards to each other, but you treat a woman special. After all, she is, or will be, somebody's mamma, and mothers are sacred to a true Southerner

I guess that's a little bit how Pete Jernigan, the hero of The Cowboys: PETE, feels about Anne Thompson. That's what causes him to assume the identity of a dead man, to pretend to be her husband, so he can save her from a forced marriage to a savage old womanizer. Only trouble is, once he's told the lie, he's stuck with it. If he tells the truth, everybody loses. Then a rival is murdered right under his own roof and Pete is the prime suspect.

Pete knows he ought to tell Anne the truth and leave before she falls in love with him. He has to leave before he runs out of excuses not to consummate their marriage. But he can't leave without putting her in danger, giving up his search for the money stolen from him (the reason that brought him to the ranch in the first place), and practically confessing to the murder of the man he's impersonating. It becomes even more complicated when Pete finds himself falling in love with Anne. His honor demands one thing, his body and emotions the opposite. No matter which he chooses, he loses.

Pete's not your typical, all-conquering hero. Pete acts and speaks before he thinks which has gotten him in trouble his whole life. His adopted family considered him something of a burden because he used to be little and they were always having to bail him out of trouble his mouth got him into. But he's grown up now, and Anne thinks he's perfect, that he can fix any difficulty, figure out any problem. Pete tries mightily to live up to this flattering picture of himself. And he does pretty well until he falls into the clutches of the real villain. Then it's time for Anne to discover she's not so helpless as she thought.

Reviews of Pete

"Leigh Greenwood never disappoints. The writing is always fresh and passionate, making us turn each page with eager appreciation. Capturing the time with natural ease, telling the stories like an old cook sitting around a cozy campfire, describing the people as if they were former acquaintances, you have to wonder if this writer isn't a cowboy reincarnated. And you can't wait until the next story begins."- Kat Bragg, CompuServe Romance Reviews

"I just finished PETE and I didn't think you could top yourself, but you did. PETE was the best."- Barbara Cumnock, BELL'S BOOKS

"Leigh Greenwood is a master. This man has taken a mistaken identity issue and turned it around into a doozy of a love story. With suspense, melodrama, and good old fashion romance he leads us into the lives of yet another orphan turned family man.  Pete is as lovable as all the other Cowboys and has his hands full with his needy child bride turned spitfire woman. The back up cast is among Mr. Greenwood's finest, from the most annoying busybody to the nastiest villain.  No one writes like Leigh Greenwood.  I've said it before, I'll say it again. He is the greatest. The Cowboys: PETE is one of his very best. The unique story idea and dazzling cast are extraordinary as is Mr. Greenwood's way with words. Clean off a spot on your bookshelf. This is another keeper!" - Karen L. Williams

"Leigh Greenwood is back with another heartwarming book in The Cowboys series. Like his cowboy brothers, Pete is a wonderful hero. Anne is a refreshing delight as Pete's innocent young bride. The author has crafted a real winner with PETE and readers will be happy to add this cowboy to their collection. When it comes to romance, Leigh Greenwood is a name to remember." - Kristina Wright, The Literary Times

"PETE continues the saga of The Cowboys and, true to the series, is a tender and wonderful story of finding true feelings of belonging. Well-written and engaging, the tale of Anne's transformation through love from a woman who feels unworthy to a tigress will be enjoyable for readers. - Jill Brager, Romantic Times



Will Haskins was the most beautiful man Idalou Ellsworth had ever set eyes on. When he appeared at her front door, she was stuck speechless at the very sight of him. Folks in Dunmore, Texas, thought her bossy, too focused on rescuing her family’s failing ranch to be interested in courting. But in Will’s company she couldn’t think of anything but him. And when the devil-may-care cowboy took her in his arms, she understood as never before the pleasure of being a woman.

Greenwood’s book is a sweet romance with even pacing, witty dialogue and an entertaining battle of wills
Romantic Times Book Reviews

Few authors if any can bring to life a late nineteenth century cowboy romance like Leigh Greenwood consistently does. Texas Tender is a delightful historical romance with a touch of suspense that is clearly a Greenwood branded winner
Midwest Book Review

Leigh Greenwood remains of one the forces to be reckoned with in the Americana romance sub-genre.
Affaire de Coeur


Leigh Greenwood - The Cowboys: Luke

The Cowboys: Luke

I’ve always had a weakness for gunfighters. Hen was my favorite Randolph brother, so I knew I would have fun with Luke Attmore. He was even more hard-bitten and angry. Rather than turn his guns to the benefit of the law, Luke became a professional gunman, hiring out to the highest bidder. He’s hired to escort Princes Valeria Badenburg to a ranch in the Arizona Territory. She’s a haughty aristocrat with a serious misconception of what life in Arizona is like. He can’t decide whether to scorn her or help her, so he does both. Not a good way to begin a loving relationship.

But that’s exactly what Luke doesn’t want.

Valeria didn’t want to come to America. She particularly didn’t want to come to the West. But when you’re a princess from a small European country, your marriage has been arranged by your father, and your family is in exile, you have few choices.

Valeria didn’t like America. It was too hot, no one accorded her any respect, and she didn’t understand the customs. Most of all, she didn’t like Luke Attmore. She fired him but had to hire him back when she couldn’t find anyone else who would take the job. But someone was trying to kill her, and as obnoxious and infuriating as he was, Luke was her only insurance policy.

But princesses don’t have to be stupid. Valeria realized if she wanted to learn how to live in this country, Luke was the best person to teach her. She decided to dog his heels. No matter where he ran, she would follow. The only trouble was, before long, she wanted to follow. Luke was good at escaping killers, even better at escaping women, but sometimes a man just doesn’t want to run any more.

Reviews for LUKE

A gunfighter and an exiled princess

LUKE has all the charm and adventure of the other seven books in this series, but Leigh Greenwood’s creative mind makes it uniquely different. It’s ingenious how he comes up with so many diverse characters - a princess and a gunfighter. The story’s serious with a touch of mystery, it’s light-hearted and funny, it’s romantic and soul-stirring, and only Leigh Greenwood could have written it. - MT, Rendzevous

You gotta tip your hat to Leigh Greenwood for keeping the caliber high on the cowboys series. All but two now have been shot out of the saddle by cupid's arrows and neither Cupid, or Leigh EVER miss! - Heartland Critiques

"Leigh Greenwood delights readers with vivid characters and romantic stories of the old west! The Cowboys are fast becoming one of the best series of all time!"
"Luke is a classic! You will fall in love with this wild west fairy tale."
"Leigh Greenwood belongs on every romance fan's shelf! If you haven't yet sampled this beloved author's work, what are you waiting for?" -
Kristina Wright, The Literary Times

Two lost souls find their strengths and weaknesses in the Arizona desert and discover love for all time." - New and Previously Owned Books

Another winner by Leigh Greenwood, LUKE features a dynamic duo who learn to change and grow because of their love, as well as wonderful descriptions and a lively plotline. What more could we want? More cowboys! - Jill Brager, Romantic Times



Hawk and Zeke had been inseparable ever since boyhood – two loners, outsiders, as free as the wild horses they chased across the Arizona desert. So when they joined up with two misplaced dance hall girls on the trail, they reacted about the same way as unbroken mustangs to the saddle. Kicking and bucking at every step of the way, the bachelors were gentled by soft touches and warm caresses until each found himself riding the range with a brand new partner.

It was certainly easy to see why Leigh holds his place as a leader in the historical romance genre for his compassionate and sensitive storytelling. I would suggest this as highly recommended reading for all lovers of historical American West romance!
Marilyn at Romance Designs

Leigh Greenwood, known for his terrific western romances, returns to the Cowboys' saddle with a fantastic double love story. The story line focuses on the dual romances, but is enhanced by the rustlers and a sheriff who applies racial profiling (Suzette is French Canadian) to decide that the four heroes are liars and thieves. Fans will cherish the return to one of the best sub-genre series.
Harriet Klausner

Zeke and Hawk Maxwell, adopted brothers, realized long ago they would never be accepted no matter where they settled. That is why they decided to buy a remote ranch in the Arizona Territory. It’s far enough away from any towns that they won’t often be bothered by people who are prejudiced against Zeke’s black skin or wary of Hawk’s Comanche heritage. With not one, but two romances going on in THE MAVERICKS, there is a lot going on in the plot, but before the tale ends, the reader has also been treated to gunfights, barroom brawls, and a villain bent on causing trouble for Zeke and Hawk. And it all plays out against the meticulously described backdrop of the Western frontier. It’s obvious the author has a feel for the time period and setting. It’s easy to picture the Arizona desert as well as the frontier boomtowns of the Old West, and fans of this series or lovers of historical American West romances will not want to miss THE MAVERICKS.
Sandra Brill, Romance Reviews Today

“Greenwood has penned a poignant story about how love can help people get over a horrible past. Each character has his or her own demons to deal with, and only with each other can they find happiness.
Jill Brager, Romantic Times



Born and raised on the Broken Circle Ranch in Texas, Eden Maxwell never expected to fall head over heels for Edward Davenport, the heir to a British earldom. As the youngest of the Maxwell clan, she was used to riding her mustang across the plains, not a carriage through Hyde Park, and she’d sooner have coffee from a chuck wagon than tea in a society drawing room. But there was one thing London offered that was not to be found in all the Lone Star State: A man who captured her heat and thrilled her senses. Now the only challenge was to convince him to try love, Texas style.

TEXAS LOVING is fun. Eden is spirited and likable, but Edward is lovable. He can't understand why his father seems to detest him. His stepmother is kindly enough, but his true family feelings are reserved for Patrick. They are the best of brothers in spite of their differences. TEXAS LOVING numbers thirteenth in Mr. Greenwood's popular Cowboy Series. Now that Eden, the youngest of Jake and Isabelle's children, has found love, will there be more? Long time Greenwood readers will welcome TEXAS LOVING. New readers will enjoy this latest from the king of Western romances.
Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

“Last, but not least, this is the final -- and 13th! -- installment of Greenwood's Cowboys Series. It's another winner, complete with robust characters, strong dialogue and a fast pace that keeps readers engaged all the way to the finish line.”
Maria Ferrer, Romantic Times