Romance author Leigh Greenwood

Cactus Creek Cowboys

To Have and to HoldTo Have and to Hold

the first book in the the Cactus Creek Cowboys series.

A stranger to the rescue..

Colby Blaine has been a loner his whole life.  And he isn't about to change now.  But that doesn't mean he can ignore people in trouble.  When he rides up on an inexperienced wagon train under attack, he doesn't hesitate to jump into the fray.  It's only after the raid that he really lands himself in hot water.

Naomi Kessling is certainly grateful to Colby for saving her family and agreeing to lead their train to safer territory, but the man has an infuriating way of knowing just how to get under her skin.  He asks too many question about a past she doesn't want to remember, and his touch makes her long for far more.  Yet the more time they spend together, the more Naomi sees that perhaps it's Colby who needs rescuing the most.


Greenwood is a master at westerns!  His cowboys are the best!  The first book in the Cactus Creek Cowboys series, it’s full of action, mad escapades, Indian attacks, and dangerous secrets.  It’s the story of two stubborn lovers who find passion and adventure in the Wild, Wild West.
  - Romantic Times

Leigh Greenwood gives the reader all the things expected in a westward trek to new lands.  He involves the reader in actions that make the heart jump up into one’s throat at times.  Best of all he gives the reader a love that grows simply and steadily in every aspect of the hero and heroine—it reaches not only the emotional and physical but also the mental and spiritual—the forever kind of love that makes them strong and able to reach out to others with love and caring.  To Have and To Hold is a keeper to be enjoyed more than once.
  - Long and Short Reviews

Leigh Greenwood brings romance to an action filled western worthy of reading.  The storyline is filled with conflict and compromise making TO HAVE AND TO HOLD captivating and enjoyable.. The setting is well researched and the desert comes alive with Greenwood's wonderful detail descriptions.  The plot twists are unexpected and readers will be happily satisfied with the outcome. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD is a rewarding read with a great theme and well-written characters many will enjoy.
  - Fresh Fiction

I have read most of the books that Leigh Greenwood has written…some twice.  I loved each book that I’ve read and so I was sure “To Have and To Hold” would be no different.  I was right.  It is the first book in his new series “Cactus Creek Cowboys” that takes place along the Santa Fe Trail in 1865, just after the Civil War ended.  I recommend any novel by Leigh Greenwood.  He is one of my favorite authors.
  - The Night Owl Reviews Team

5 Stars is not enough to convey my true feelings for this book.  The depth of the characters, the well-crafted plot, the emotion evoked by every perfect word.  Rarely do I find a book that I never want to end. If you like historical westerns with a perfectly crafted romance (very low on the steamy scale) go preorder this book!
  - Kame's review


To Love and to Cherish
To Love and to Cherish

Torn between a desire to be free and a longing to be his..

When Laurie Spencer said "I Do," she never realized she'd be trading one pair of shackles for another - until her husband's unexpected death leaves her with an opportunity to escape her controlling family for good. Determined to be independent, Laurie approaches sexy rancher Jared Smith with an offer she hopes he can't refuse.

Jared's determined to establish a successful ranch in Arizona, but with the local banker turned against him, it looks like his dream may be slipping through his fingers. When unconsciously sensual Laurie offers a partnership, it looks like his luck may be changing . . . but when she throws herself in as part of the deal, Jared's not sure he'll be able to respect the terms of their agreement and keep his eyes - and his hands - to himself. There's something about Laurie that awakens every protective instinct Jared has . . . and when all hell breaks loose, there's nothing and no one who'll be able to keep this cowboy from her side.


Greenwood’s talent for emotional inner conflict shines in the second book of the Cactus Creek Cowboys series when a widow challenges her dead husband’s legacy and the expectations of the entire town.
     Romantic Times

Who knew a desert snowstorm could be so sexy? Find out why the heat gets turned up when the temperature goes down in To Love And To Cherish.
     Romance Reviews

To Love and to Cherish is another western historical love story that is a keeper.  Intriguing, compelling events paced just right, subtle character development, a touch of humor, and a hint of secrets kept this reader turning pages. The subplots are like icing on a cake. They enhance the total flavor of the story.  Best of all, the love story sparkles with both tears and laughter.
     Long & Short Romance Reviews

There's something about Laurie that awakens every protective instinct Jared has...and when all hell breaks loose, there's nothing and no one who'll be able to keep this cowboy from her side.
     Night Owl Reviews

A gripping tale of renewal. To Love and To Cherish is a well written and endearing story and I hope to read more from Leigh Greenwood in the future.
     Romance at Random

Jared is a wonderfully sexy hero, and he knows what he wants and goes after it.  Laurie is vulnerable, but learns to love herself and grows throughout the story. Secondary characters bring conflict and humor to the storyline. Leigh Greenwood has once again proven he can write a compelling and romantic Western, and I recommend To Love And To Cherish to readers looking for a romantic and adventurous Western.
     Fresh Fiction

To Love and To Cherish is the type of Western romance I love; a smart heroine and a kind hero find love in a small town filled with lovable side characters and plausible villains. I look forward to the next installment.
     Heroes and Heartbreakers 


Forever and Always

Part three of the Cactus Creek Cowboys Series

He Knows She Can Never Be His…

Logan Holstock, oldest of three brothers orphaned on the Santa Fe Trail, has always been content knowing his brothers were alive and happy somewhere in the vast and brutal West—until he learns he may be dying. Certain he has little time left, Logan sets out to find them and end his days near a family he’s never known...and stumbles across a strong yet vulnerable widow who makes him yearn for what can never be his.

Logan knows he shouldn’t love Sibyl Spencer—he couldn’t bear leaving her a widow all over again. But as he finds himself drawn deeper into the lives of this small Western town, he can’t escape the longing to find peace in her arms. When he discovers that his death sentence is anything but, Logan swears he will do whatever it takes to prove himself to the woman he loves...and show he believes their love is worth fighting for.


"If it's a Greenwood cowboy story, readers are guaranteed an emotional, rich, adventurous romance with strong heroes and courageous heroines-just like this one. This is a story about love, second chances and family. It's also book three of the Cactus Creek Cowboys, but I hope it's not the last in this splendid series." - Romantic Times

"From USA Today Bestselling Author Leigh Greenwood comes a historical Western romance filled with gritty cowboy heroes, strong-willed heroines, and a whole lot of heart in the Wild West." - Ever After Romance

"Leigh Greenwood is one of my favorite historical romance authors. His books are always masterfully written. I love his cowboys in the books. My great-grandmother would tell me about coming here in a covered wagon. Reading one of Mr. Greenwood's westerns always brings that back to me." - Book Junkiez

"I had a fantastic time with this tender, heart-warming western romance that I would happily and easily recommend to others who like moderately spicy and moderately gritty action with their historical westerns." - The Delighted Reader

"What a wonderful story! Leigh Greenwood's FOREVER AND ALWAYS is a poignant tale of a man who wants to live as he sees fit until his time is up. It's a story of hope and of understanding." - Book Obsessed Chick

"Forever and Always was an exciting ride with a conclusion that was beyond exceptional." - Yearwood Daily Book Review