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Romance author Leigh Greenwood has been steaming up the pages of historical romances for more than twenty-five years, and the future is looking just as hot! Leigh invites you to have a look around and stay as long as you want. Read about his award-winning series The Seven Brides, The Cowboys, and the recently completed Night Riders. There are plenty of other books so check out the other pages and head to the bookstores or the Internet to fill in your collection or to start one!

Read about how Leigh got started writing romances and what he is planning for the future. And above all, come back soon as we are heading into some exciting times here at his web site and between the covers of his new books. A lot has changed during the past year, more than he can keep current on his website, so he has set up a Facebook page to keep readers abreast of his position in an industry which seems to be changing every month. If you can't find something you want, or just want to ask a question, feel free to email Leigh at check out the latest news on Facebook.



I was pleased when Sourcebooks decided to re-release the first five books in The Night Riders Series. That meant that all the books in that series would be available again. Now they've decided to re-release the Seven Brides - but with a twist.

The new books are being marketed toward a new audience, the male western reader. As a consequence, though the content of the books will be the same as the original series, the books will now have new covers and NEW NAMES. Rose will become A RESOLUTE MAN. Fern will become A DAUNTLESS MAN. Iris will become A DEFIANT MAN, Laurel A FEARLESS MAN, and Daisy A STEADFAST MAN. The covers of the last two, Violet and Lily, have yet to be competed.

Though the copyright page states that A RESOLUTE MAN was first published as ROSE, I want to make sure readers know these are not new books, only new names. I am retired. My last book, FOREVER AND ALWAYS, came out in 2015. There will be reprints of other books in the future, but there will be no more new books.

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A Resolute Man

A Resolute Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Rose)

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The Randolph brothers are known far and wide as a wild, unruly bunch. Carving an empire out of the rugged Texas land, fighting off rustlers, and going toe-to-toe with anyone who dares to cross there path, they're unwilling to change their ways . . . until oldest brother George Randolph says enough's enough. Laying down the law, George looks to bring his rowdy brothers in line and his ranch in order if he can find someone strong enough to help him yank it all back from the brink.

Enter Rose Thornton. Penniless and desperate, Rose will do just about anything to keep going. But the Randolph boys are more than a handful, and it's going to take every bit of grit she can muster to help George tame this frontier. It's going to take even more to convince them both that their convenient arrangement can be worth the fight, and that with Rose, George can be strong enough to face whatever comes his way.



A Dauntless Man

A Dauntless Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Fern)

All it takes is one DAUNTLESS man

Everyone knows the Randolph Boys are the roughest, wildest bunch the frontier has to offer. Madison Randolph considers himself lucky to have escaped their dry and dusty Texas town-and the dark secrets that haunted him like a second shadow. But when his brother is accused of murder, he has no choice but to pack up everything he knows and return home to clear his family's name.

He thinks he's prepared for the fight of his life.but nothing could brace Madison for what's waiting there for him.

As tough as any man who ever tried to stand in her way, Fern Sproull is determined to see her cousin's killer hang for his crime. No smooth-talking stranger's going to stop her from seeing justice done. While the townsfolk of Abilene prepare for the trial of the century, Madison and Fern will have to ready themselves for a knock-down, drag-out battle of the sexes.that might just have two winners.


A Defiant Man

A Defiant Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Iris)

All it takes is one DEFIANT man

Monty Randolph has always bristled under his eldest brother's tight rein. He's his own man, and he's determined to prove it-and himself-whatever the cost. Getting out of Texas has always been the plan, and now he's got the perfect excuse: driving herd to Wyoming where he can put down new stakes. It's dangerous, brutal, back-breaking work, but he's more than ready for the challenge.

There's just one problem.

Iris Richmond has been a thorn in the Randolph boys' side since she was a little girl. Fiercely independent, she's vowed to save her ranch by driving her own herd up the long and dusty trail-and Monty's just the man to help her get there. Monty swears he has no intention of taking Iris to Wyoming, but she's never taken no for an answer. As the two fight their way through impossible odds, they'll need to form an alliance that could impact the course of their lives forever.


A Fearless Man

A Fearless Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Laurel)

All it takes is one FEARLESS man

As the sheriff of Sycamore Flats, Hen Randolph has seen just about everything this lawless land has to offer. Quick in the saddle and quicker on the draw, he's cultivated a reputation for being a ruthless sharpshooter-and an unapologetic loner. Hen's had more than his fair share of complications and is happiest keeping his distance from the world. The trouble is, sometimes the world refuses to keep its distance from him.

Laurel Blackthorne knows what dark and dangerous men are capable of, and she'll be damned if she lets another near her or her son again. But the sheriff seems different-an honest man despite his prickly exterior-and perhaps her only hope of saving herself from a dark past that refuses to let go.

When danger comes calling, can she find it in herself to trust a man who always shoots true? And can this independent loner be convinced that he's ready for something truly worth fighting for?


A Steadfast Man

A Steadfast Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Daisy)

All it takes is one STEADFAST man

Not even Texas is big enough for the seven rough-and-ready Randolph boys. Needing space to make a name for himself outside the long shadow cast by his infamous brothers, Tyler Randolph sets off for New Mexico in search of adventure. He's intent on discovering lost mines overflowing with gold.

What he finds is a beautiful woman wounded and left for dead.

Daisy Singleton is shocked when she wakes in an unfamiliar cabin, alone with a man she's never met. Confused and angry, all she wants is to leave the shelter of the mountain and track down the villains responsible. Tyler's more than willing to help Daisy find her way, but with her would-be killers still at large, the two reluctant heroes will have to band together if either wants to see another day.


A Daring Man

A Daring Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Lily)

Born a preacher's daughter in Virginia, San Francisco is a far cry from normal for Lily Sterling. But if she's going to have any hope of avoiding the marriage her father has arranged for her, she'll need to find Zac Randolph and convince him to let her stay. If he'd just listen to her, he'd know she has no interest in tying the knot with anyone, least of all Zac.

Zac has the best poker face in all of California, and as the owner of The Little Corner of Heaven saloon, he uses it to win every game. But when Lily Sterling walks into his saloon and demands his help, he isn't sure the blond angel can't see right through him...


A Worthy Man

A Worthy Man
(formerly known as - Seven Brides: Violet)

All it takes is one WORTHY man...

Jefferson Randolph came back from war a changed man. Before, he was one of the seven infamous Randolph boys, raising hell across the territory. Now, broken and bitter, he spends his days buried in work and his nights struggling not to remember everything he survived?and everyone he left behind.

He's ready to close himself off from the world for good...until a chance encounter brings him toe-to-toe with a headstrong schoolteacher more than willing to fight him on every front. Violet Goodwin can tell there's a good man buried beneath that angry armor, and she's not going to give up until Jefferson stops living in the past and starts to see the future he could have?if he's willing to accept he's worthy enough to claim it.


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