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Have you ever heard about a musical that has won 11 Tony Awards? Hard to believe, but Hamilton was able to do this. Imagine Broadway performance bursting with wild hip-hop rhythms telling us a story about American founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel showed his masterpiece to the world in 2015. It was nominated for 16 Tony awards and it won Pulitzer Prize. Nowadays, this play can be seen at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. This is one of the most reckless, formidable and explosive historical musicals the world has ever seen. Though it is based on a pretty old story, it is modern as never before: its intention of including people who might otherwise be marginalized (non-white actors for example) is worth seeing.

Play by Lin-Manuel is discovering the life of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton's figure is not generally noticed by official history. Only the fact of his outstanding death is well-known (Hamilton died in Aaron Burr's hands). Lin-Manuel was on vacation when he came across the biography of Ron Chernow's. From that moment on he decided to create his own opus on this interesting theme.

Outline of the play was created almost immediately telling the unknown story completely different from what you can find in conventional historical textbooks. Alexander was unstoppable when it came to his work of life. So thinking about the correct music for the show Miranda realized that he needs something unique, which will tie up the story to nowadays. That's why he added such tremendous hip-hop and rap parts mixed with classical musical showstoppers. It was a great idea to turn political arguments into brilliant rap battles, and this approach allowed to gain more excitement from the audience while highlighting the importance of some historical decisions.

Hamilton has got 16 nominations in Tony Award 2016 (that makes him a record-breaking nominee) and finally got 11 trophies out of them. And that's not all! The play proceeds to be noticeable and desirable by audience: incredibly long lines are formed next to book-offices when the next performance is coming. Hamilton continues to conquer the world. It will be shown even in London in 2017. It is clear that the play has reinvented the musical genre itself in some means. Rough street hip-hop, merged with choruses and mild refrains, takes us to the new level of modern Broadway shows. This new era has Hamilton Mixtape as a soundtrack. And it is really worth it - to spend time and money to see contemporary artists from this point of view.

Hamilton's Story

The main character of the play is a Caribbean immigrant whose life was so unpredictable and adventured that led him to become some kind of America's hero. Hamilton's desire for good changes and creation of better life for everyone made him an extraordinary and successful person. To start his education in grammar school, Hamilton came to New Jersey from the West Indies in 1772. He was born out of marriage, orphaned by 11, but only got stronger. As a grown up he took part in the American revolutionary war and even was able to become George Washington's assistant. Nevertheless, such rollicking events were the beginning of an even more attracting story of his life.

It was very different: American Constitution's creation stands next to sex scandals and fatal duels.

Winner of Tonys

Mind-blowing Broadway show, which was sold-out for months, was in one trophy from The Producers (12 trophies, 2001) to break up their record. Hamilton took 11 awards that night. Best Musical, Best Actor in Musical, Best Scenic Design of the Musical are some of them.

How to See Hamilton in NYC?

Broadway's Public Theatre is playing the show, but has constant sold-out. So this famous hip-hop musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda can be seen at Richard Rodgers Theatre as well. This wild reckless opus is about Alexander Hamilton, one of the most outstanding (and colorful) persons in the history of America.

What is Hamilton's Running Time?

Running Time: 2 Hours and 45 Minutes. Including a 15-minute Intermission.