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Dear Evan Hansen Musical Overview

After a highly acclaimed Second Stage Theatre run, the dark yet comedic musical Dear Evan hansen has finally hit the Broadway stage. This is a very affecting production that has brought on nothing but amazing reviews from critics and audiences alike. It portrays the struggles of being a misunderstood teen with a deft hand, as well as issues such as the need for acceptance and even the search for love. Of course, the show is backed up with plenty of power from the score by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, a duo that has gained immense notoriety as of late given their work on the film La La Land. The show has gone on to earn an impressive 9 Tony Awards. These include Best Musical as well as Best Leading Actor.

Basic Overview

Ben Platt plays the titular Evan Hansen in this cautionary tale. It shows exactly how quickly a lie can spread throughout a community and even take a life all its own. Evan himself is a teenager in high school that's stricken with anxiety and despair over his lack of peer recognition. He finally garners the attention he craves after a suicide note from a fellow student mysteriously turns up with a message directly to Evan himself.

As if from nowhere, Evan becomes famous in his school and community through sheer association. He finally has the spotlight. The community is traumatized over the loss of his fellow student however, particularly the surviving family. Given the suicide letter, they begin questioning Evan more and more. Soon enough, the entire matter starts to turn on its head. Making matters worse, the students' sister Zoe is none other than Evan's biggest crush. While the note brings some solace at first, the potential motives about its origin soon come into question.


While everything is on point in Dear Evan Hansen, the standout may well be the score from Paul and Pasek. It echoes the quality you would expect from the recent Academy Award winners. The show also covers a wide generational range, appealing to people both young and old. Ben Platt must also be given immense praise for his portrayal of the titular character. All in all, the show is well worth seeing, and it will undoubtedly stick with you for a long while.