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The Book of Mormon was seen on stage more than six years ago for the first time. Since that time its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker (creators of outrageous comedies like Team America and, first of all, South Park) were celebrating the success of the play and receiving thousands of both hilarious and sometimes threatening reviews. The story is based on adventures of two mormons who are going really far away from their lovely home to share their beliefs and ideas about God to those, who don't know about Him yet. The musical is full of offending genital jokes, swearwords and funny songs. This is a scandal masterpiece for those who are not easily offended and able to be ironic. So for the sake of God, go and watch the show, but be ready to feel how ridiculous some of your deep beliefs can be.

The play was nominated for Tony Music Award 13 times! It finally got nine (Best New Musical is among them). Its Musical album reached third line on Billboards. The premier in the West End was held in 2013 and was as successful as Broadway show. The Book of Mormon gained very good critics review scores, high average press rating and Grammy (as a cherry on a pie)! Such an exuberant musical hit was written in collaboration with Robert Lopez (American songwriter for musicals, Grammy, Tony and Oscar winner).


Elder Kevin Price thinks that if he prays hard enough, he will be sent with his mission to Florida, but life is hard and unpredictable. Unfortunately, his mission will start far away from Salt Lake City together with awkward, compulsive liar Cunningham as his partner. The final destination is Uganda, and that will be incredibly hard to explain hapless, miserable people of this land how great the religion that friends have brought to them is.

Singing songs about Joseph Smith and walking from door to door, two new friends will find out a lot of new things about friendship, misunderstanding, evil and God. So let's join them in this cringeworthy and simultaneously hilarious adventure.

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