3 Things you need to know about Springsteen on Broadway

This weekend I had been lucky enough to learn whether Springsteen's Broadway show lives up to the hype along with the hefty price tag.

With tickets selling for tens of thousands of dollars apiece, Springsteen on Broadway could possibly be among the hardest shows to find in person. Many enthusiasts have given up hope of grabbing The Boss on Broadway, resigned to the reality that just the one percenters are going to have the ability to snag the pricy chairs.

How To Find Discount Tickets in New York

Click here to find best deals for Springsteen on Broadway Tickets. Well, I am certainly not a person who lives the life of the wealthy and famous, however I had been quite fortunate to have the ability to receive a ticket to view Springsteen last weekend. Sitting from the Walter Kerr Theatre since the lights came up, I had been convinced that this was among the best shows I have ever noticed. But if it is worthwhile or not is your decision. Here are a couple things I found about the expertise that will assist you make your mind up.

Safety is tight Upon going into the theater we were ushered away from your front door and pulled an alleyway door. Besides not needing to take our shoes off, the encounter was about the same as choosing a domestic flight. Many Broadway shows allow you to open your luggage while an advertisement looks through your possessions with a flashlight. This is a completely new degree of safety. Telephones and bags have been run via an x ray machine and ticket holders were created to walk through a metal detector. The procedure ran pretty easily but can back up things a bit because it gets closer to show time.

They are not joking about that no-photograph coverage There were many announcements made prior to the series warning that the audience to not take video or pictures through the series. Additionally, a particular flyer has been included using the Playbill describing that lovers will be ejected in the theater for violating the policy. This was not a bluff . I witnessed one individual's display light up and instantly a blue torch pointed out that the individual as ushers swarmed from two distinct directions. Luckily, fans are allowed to take their telephones and snap as many pictures as they desire during The Boss' curtain call at the close of the display.

This is not a concert, so yelling and singing are strongly discouraged Springsteen on Broadway is just one long monologue with tunes mixed into help tell the story of the singer's lifestyle. While the series certainly stones at a few points, this isn't the type of series where you jump from your chair and begin dancing. The only time anybody awakened was in the end for Bruce's standing ovation. And do not even think about crying out the title of your favourite tune. Springsteen is not doing asks; this can be a scripted series.

Yes, Springsteen says hello to fans after the show, but nohe will not say hello to you Everybody I talked to who watched Springsteen on Broadway advised me to be well prepared with a pencil and paper to get Bruce to register after the series. The singer leaves throughout the stage door after each operation and requires some time to shake hands and pose for photographs with fans. Regrettably, the word has gotten out of this and autograph seekers are currently lining up outside the theater hours before the show even starts. Therefore, in the event that you happen to really have tickets to the show and hope to grab Bruce in your exit, it is simply not happening. After we left the theater we were greeted by tens of thousands of fans behind barricades expecting to catch a glimpse of The Boss on the way for his vehicle.

So, is that the series actually worth a couple million bucks? I need to mention that Springsteen was unbelievable. Not only is he an wonderful songwriter, singer, guitarist and piano player, but his ability to tell stories and captivate an audience is unmatched. But if you believe investing in the mortgage on two or three hours in the theater is well worth it's a choice only you can create yourself.

For Springsteen, playing audio wasn't only a quest for fame or fortune; it has always been a vehicle for experiencing life to its fullest, for fomenting real relationship with like-mind human beings and for harnessing the power of music to align with something larger than oneself.