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Romance author Leigh Greenwood has been steaming up the pages of historical romances for more than twenty-five years, and the future is looking just as hot! Leigh invites you to have a look around and stay as long as you want. Read about his award-winning series The Seven Brides, The Cowboys, and the recently completed Night Riders. There are plenty of other books so check out the other pages and head to the bookstores or the Internet to fill in your collection or to start one!

Read about how Leigh got started writing romances and what he is planning for the future. And above all, come back soon as we are heading into some exciting times here at his web site and between the covers of his new books. A lot has changed during the past year, more than he can keep current on his website, so he has set up a Facebook page to keep readers abreast of his position in an industry which seems to be changing every month. If you can't find something you want, or just want to ask a question, feel free to email Leigh at check out the latest news on Facebook.


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To Have and to HoldTo Have and to Hold

the first book in the the Cactus Creek Cowboys series.

Greenwood is a master at westerns!  His cowboys are the best!  The first book in the Cactus Creek Cowboys series, it’s full of action, mad escapades, Indian attacks, and dangerous secrets.  It’s the story of two stubborn lovers who find passion and adventure in the Wild, Wild West.
  - Romantic Times

Leigh Greenwood gives the reader all the things expected in a westward trek to new lands.  He involves the reader in actions that make the heart jump up into one’s throat at times.  Best of all he gives the reader a love that grows simply and steadily in every aspect of the hero and heroine—it reaches not only the emotional and physical but also the mental and spiritual—the forever kind of love that makes them strong and able to reach out to others with love and caring.  To Have and To Hold is a keeper to be enjoyed more than once.
  - Long and Short Reviews

Leigh Greenwood brings romance to an action filled western worthy of reading.  The storyline is filled with conflict and compromise making TO HAVE AND TO HOLD captivating and enjoyable.. The setting is well researched and the desert comes alive with Greenwood's wonderful detail descriptions.  The plot twists are unexpected and readers will be happily satisfied with the outcome. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD is a rewarding read with a great theme and well-written characters many will enjoy.
  - Fresh Fiction

I have read most of the books that Leigh Greenwood has written…some twice.  I loved each book that I’ve read and so I was sure “To Have and To Hold” would be no different.  I was right.  It is the first book in his new series “Cactus Creek Cowboys” that takes place along the Santa Fe Trail in 1865, just after the Civil War ended.  I recommend any novel by Leigh Greenwood.  He is one of my favorite authors.
  - The Night Owl Reviews Team

5 Stars is not enough to convey my true feelings for this book.  The depth of the characters, the well-crafted plot, the emotion evoked by every perfect word.  Rarely do I find a book that I never want to end. If you like historical westerns with a perfectly crafted romance (very low on the steamy scale) go preorder this book!
  - Kame's review


Coming in November 2014

To Love and to Cherish
To Love and to Cherish